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For the Little Ones

Discovering the Water – Fun & Games

There's just so much to do and see at Bruinisse Marina for the little ones. Here you can let your tiny tot discover the amazing world of the open water.

Boards are posted all around the marina with information about the birds, shellfish and sea animals that inhabit the local surroundings. There are even underwater viewers along the quaysides to study the wildlife below the water's surface.

Go take a look and you'll definitely be amazed.

Playing & Swimming

Sand and water are a great combination for your little ones.

At the Grevelingen beach, they'll be able to build sandcastles, dig moats, go wading, look for shells and collect stones to their hearts' content. If they're more freshwater inclined, then visit our own swimming and wading pool in the heart of the marina. Great water toys and play equipment are available to while away the day and make tonnes of new friends along the way!

Extra water toys and swimming accessories, as well as armbands and inflatable boats, are available at the shop.