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Learn to Sail

Wind & Water...

The wind in your hair, the sails flapping, the waves lapping... this is the feeling of ultimate freedom for many people – you and your yacht in unison, zipping across the water, powered by nature!

Learning to sail opens up a whole new world for you! Discover the freedom and learn to sail at Aquavitesse at Bruinisse Marina.

Private Lessons

Aquavitesse has developed a unique learning system to teach you the ropes in a relatively short space of time. Highly recommended for kids and adults alike!

Children's Sailing School

Aquavitesse's children's sailing school is highly regarded throughout the sailing world.

Children can choose from a range of courses that take their age, interests and ability into account. It goes without saying that we also make the entire experience fun, fun, fun... it will be an unforgettable holiday for all the kids.

Proper sailing lessons will also set you up for a lifetime of fun and pleasure out on the water.

Theme Courses

Young people and adults can also choose from several of Aquavitesse's theme courses (max. 5 participants) including lock handling, preparation for Mediterranean sailing and ocean sailing, etc.

Please contact Aquavitesse to sign up for lessons or to request additional information.

Ocean Sailing

Are you ready for a sailing adventure out on the wide open sea – the horizon all around you, the smell of the brine, and the wind in your hair? Or are you looking to gain some experience and hone your skills a little first?

Aquavitesse's ocean sailing courses provide a wealth of information and experience, not to mention a fun and unforgettable holiday experience.