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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors

Freedom, wind and water...

Sailing. The wind in your hair, the murmur of sails and waves, the feeling of independence, the unity that you form with the ship, the speed that you can develop without any form of polluting energy... When you go sailing you get to experience a whole new world. Do you want to discover it? Learn to sail at Aquavitesse in Jachthaven Bruinisse!


The sailing school of Aquavitesse offers several possibilities. One of the options is private lessons in which you become familiar with the ropes and the sails in a short period of time. Highly recommended for parents and kids! Can you sail but is there a certain part you want to develop further? Then a theme course is for you. With a maximum of 5 students at the same time, young people and adults, under the guidance of experienced instructors, can follow all kinds of theme courses at Aquavitersse. For example, lock sailing, preparation for the Mediterranean Sea and sea sailing.

Youth sailing school

Aquavitesse's youth sailing school is highly regarded throughout the sailing world. Children can choose from a range of courses that take their age, interests and ability into account. It goes without saying that we also make the entire experience fun, it will be an unforgettable holiday for all the kids.


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